Punk is a Worldwide Lifestyle

By Stephanie Bajzik

In every culture around the world, the punk lifestyle is alive. While the group may not be large in some countries, those that do live the lifestyle, do so proudly. For decades, opposers of this lifestyle stereotype these members as the troublemakers. What many fail to realize is, these people aren’t troublemakers. They are just supporting what they believe in or what lifestyle makes them feel comfortable.

Labeling Stereotypes

Labeling stereotypes is nothing new, that’s for sure. In recent decades the labels have taken a sharp negative turn. Violence, hatred and outright personal harm come about and in most cases it is just because others don’t understand the lifestyle. Everyone is different and everyone is entitled to express themselves. Of course, these people may not “look normal” to you, but it is how they prefer to live. They might even believe that you look odd if you consider yourself “normal”. Stereotypes have been used for centuries; this is not a new revelation.

The fact of the matter is, less and less people are living by the saying ‘Judge not less ye be judged’. Meaning that people don’t believe that there is anything wrong with the way that they live but there is with someone else that wears different clothes or listens to different music.

Punks are not freaks because most of their attire is black. There are several clothing styles within this lifestyle. Some prefer a loose type of clothing while others wear clothes that are tight or long-fitting. It is their comfort level in the fashion world, just as wearing barely anything at all is what some rock stars think is high-fashion.


What the Punk Lifestyle Really Is

To help those that simply don’t understand an explanation of the punk lifestyle will help you. It isn’t a façade that is put on to tick people off or make them stay away. It isn’t a cry for help because someone has mental issues, or so you claim.

The punk lifestyle centers on punk rock music. Most of those that enjoy this genre emulate the style of those performing the music. Those that don’t understand it think that these are just dark minded people with a violent agenda or are suicidal. The fact of the matter is the lyrics to the music that they do listen to helps them get through their tough problems without self-inflicted wounds or violence.

The clothing style is simply comfortable and is considered to be self-expression of their understanding of basic ideologies. People living a punk lifestyle see the reality in things and don’t fall victim to convoluted thoughts of the general public.

The basic idea here is that because someone thinks or dresses differently than you, they’re not a freak. They’re not messed up in the head and they’re not delusional. Remember, they may think the same thing about you and the music you listen to or the clothes you wear. Punk lifestyle goers aren’t progressive political pigs, their views stretch throughout the entire political spectrum. Their clothing choices are a bit bold, but that is what they are comfortable in.