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Q: I won the Set of the Month Contest. How and when do I get paid?

A: The winner of the contest for the prior month is determined and announced by no later than the 5th of the following month. For example, the February 2015 winner was determined by February 5, 2015. The payout is made on aprox. the 15th of the month for the winner of the prior month’s contest.

After being notified via e-mail about your win, you can opt for one of 3 forms of payment:

1. If you have a Paypal account or set one up, funds can be transferred to you that way. All we will need to know is the e-mail address that the Paypal account is listed under.

2. You can receive your prize via Money Order through physical mail. If you choose this route, the cost of shipping and handling will be deducted from your prize and you’ll need to provide us with your physical address.

3. Option 3, non-cash option. You can opt to be sent an electronic gift card to Amazon.com in value of your prize.

Q: Who earns the prize payments and sales earnings from submitted sets, the model, the photographer or both?

A: The Toxic Dolls policy is to assume that the person who submits the photos owns or co-owns the copyright to those pictures. Thus, the payout for a Set of the Month prize goes to the person who originally submitted the set.

From there, it is up to the two parties involved (model and photographer) to determine who gets what. Toxic Dolls holds no responsibility to distribute funds to anyone other than the original submitter.

Q: Can I sell prints or other times with my pictures?

A: Photos can be sold through our store at a rate of $5.00 per 5x7, $10 per 8x0 ans $15 per 11x14. The seller gets 50% and can opt in by emailing us to say you are planning to sell. We order and send the prints, you don't do anything except get cash.

If you prints are up for sale, they will be noted with an * on the main model page and you can find out how to order using the model ID in the video on our Navigation tab.

Q: Can I post the photos from my model sets on another website?

A: Yes, but we ask that you please keep this to a minimum. We’d prefer that the shots featured on our site are not plastered everywhere all over the Internet.

Q: Can I promote Toxic Dolls on my website, blog, social networking account…?

A: Of course. The more people we have sign up with the site the better it will work out for everyone.

Q: I am having trouble getting used to the site. Can you help me out?

A: On our Navigating Our Site we offer video tutorials to get you going on your way.

Q: How do I use my profile, upload photos, join groups, find other users...?

A: See the answer above.

Q: How do you credit sources for your blog?

A: Authors are credited in a byline with a link to a location of their choice. Photos are credited though a click through link that leads to the source of the image.

Q: What is the new prize after winning the monthly voting?

A: The Model of the Month voting contest will now get prizes of a non-monetary nature. The winnings include the following:

- You will be the featured artist or model of the month on the arts blog Creative Dreamers at https://creativedreamers.wordpress.com which will help you gain exposure and can be used as a publishing credit.

- We’ll provide a reference for any related job via letter or recommending you on a site of your choice.

- You will be able to select one artistic service for photography from these options, perfect for those who want editing and other retouching of their content.

Remove Red Eye Effect In Up To 10 Photos

Provide A Spot Color Photo Effect in 1 Photo

Promote Your Photography or Model Page On At Least 10 Different Social Sites

Provide Airbrushing For Your Face In Any Photos

Decrease The Size Of Up To 50 Photos

Change Elements Of Your Photos (Ask for details)

Create Neon Art Piece From Any Photo

- More winnings to be added as we partner with others