Goth Friendly Cities

By Stephanie Bajzik  

The Goth community is more common in certain cities than others. Some may not realize that Goth communities can be found all over the world and not just in the U.S. For example, Adelaide is located in Australia and is very open when it comes to those who live a Goth lifestyle. There are many places in Adelaide where Goth community members can shop at, including Dragon’s Blood Creations, which carries Goth clothing such as corsets as well as jewelry, footwear and cosmetics.

Customers can even have clothes custom made to suit their needs. Off Ya Tree is a body piercing parlor that welcomes members of the Goth community in Adelaide. Many that live the Gothic lifestyle enjoy wearing Doc Martens, which they can pick up at Barlows Shoes. The Hangup is a store they can shop at for jewelry that includes animals like spiders and bats, as well as tarot cards, candles and even taxidermy animals.

Goth community members in Adelaide often frequent the Crown & Anchor Hotel for its Attic and Fright Club, which boasts the Voodoo Lounge where people can go for unique cocktails. They can also head to the Anigma Bar on the last Saturday of each month. The Anigma Bar bills itself as the Home To Necromancy. For a spooky experience members of the Goth community often visit the West Terrace Cemetery. There are many historic graves here that locals consider to be very interesting.

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Clear Concept Studio/Designs and Da Rabbit Hole is where Goths go in Adelaide to have clothing custom made that is suitable for attending a rave in. They also hold dance classes on the type of dancing found at a typical rave.

Within the U.S. the highest concentration of those living the Goth lifestyle is in Los Angeles, California. Just outside of L.A. is a popular Goth friendly clothing and music store called Stray Cat Vintage Clothing and Music. It is highly recommended by members of the Goth community for its excellent selection of the kinds of clothes and music preferred. Ipso Facto is also a Goth friendly store that sells their style of clothes, accessories, boots and other types of shoes online. They carry both men and women’s gothic style clothing. Women can purchase everything from lingerie to dresses and jackets in their preferred style.

New Orleans is also a Goth friendly city as it holds the Fangtasia event every year. This event is a vampired theme Goth ball complete with DJs, dancers and live musical performances by Goth bands. This event welcomes all members of the Goth community and gives them a place where they can enjoy being themselves.

There are many other cities all over the world that are Goth friendly and it is likely that in the future there will be even more Goth friendly cities as the lifestyle becomes increasingly popular among young people looking to stand out from the crowd. The Goth community is a community that allows members to express themselves.