Goth Girl Essentials

By Stephanie Bajzik

Goth Girls have a style all of their own that can only be described as unique. There are certain essentials one must have in order to be a proper Goth Girl.

Black shoes are a must have for any Goth Girl’s wardrobe. Most goths tend to prefer Mary Janes or boots to simple tennis shoes. Though most of their clothes are plain black they also often consider tights in interesting patterns that other girls might not have the guts to wear. Striped tights are a popular choice, but not the only one. Some hard core Goth Girls even have fishnet stockings.

Every girl, goth or not, needs a sleek and happening handbag. Goth Girls tend to gravitate to clutch bags, shoulder bags and even bags with spiked studs attached to them. A hobo bag is also a popular option for Goth Girls, always in black of course.

goth girl boots


Studs and spikes aren’t just limited to a Goth Girl’s handbag. She may also want them on her leather jacket, which is another essential for many girls living the goth lifestyle.

Black nail polish and hair dye are also things Goth Girls usually want. They tend to shy away from colored nail polish, preferring black for aesthetic reasons. When it comes to hair dye most of them prefer black hair dye but many of them choose outrageous colors as well.

Jewelry is also a big part of the Goth Girl lifestyle. They tend to gravitate towards non-traditional jewelry such as skull and cross bones earrings, rings and necklaces. Gloves, scarves and hats in the same category are also popular with Goth Girls.

Velvet is one material that most Goth Girls consider to be an essential part of their wardrobe. This includes jackets, corsets and other items. Though black velvet is often preferred some Goth Girls like purple and/or red velvet clothes and accessories as well. Wool, lace and leather are all popular materials with Goth Girls as well. These materials are often preferred by girls living the gothic lifestyle because they are tough and durable.

The goth style is a lot more flexible than it used to be and goths are beginning to branch out to choose colors other than black for their clothes and accessories. Though the goth lifestyle is more popular with girls there are boys that are into it as well. Their preferred accessories are usually different and most of them tend to stick to black and maybe brown.

Goth girls have an attitude about themselves that not everyone understands and they often express this attitude through the clothes and accessories they choose. They also express this attitude through their thoughts and actions. What is considered to be an essential in the wardrobe of a Goth Girl changes periodically, especially since this lifestyle has become increasingly popular lately. Goth Girls are all about expressing themselves in ways that other people would not. They stand out in a crowd and they make an impact on so many people.