The New Age of Pin Up Art

By Stephanie Bajzik

The flirty images of pin-up girls have been a staple in Western culture since the early 1900’s. These pin-up models were exotic entities in their own era for numerous reasons. Some of these reasons include their playful sensuality. However surprisingly, the women of pin-up art often signify the ability to transform what is commonly considered taboo into a more dominating perspective. With their unparalleled confidence of the period, pin-up girls carved their very own sex symbol status into the culture through the pages of men’s magazines.

The evolution of pin-up art in some very distinct ways has not changed to this day. These jaw dropping images portray women that are secure in their unique sexuality despite commonplace entrapments within our patriarchal society. With the continuing journey which inspires modern feminists to this day, pin-up models still fight all prior sexual conventions. Paving the way for many other forms of modern art, pin-up images have landed a special place within our country’s pop culture.

Getting its start during World War I, the pin-up girl has always been a shining symbol of pragmatism and fashion. After the original pin-up which was dubbed as the Gibson Girl, Betty Grable strutted onto the scene enthralling G.I.’s from all over the country. Then of course, came Betty Page who we all know as “The Queen of Pin-Up.” She was and always will be one of the most beautiful women that world has ever known. She personifies what we know as the ultimate in pin-up.

Until Dita Von Teese arrived on the scene, the top models of our era simply did not seem to capture the true pioneer spirit of a true pin-up girl. Upon this evolution, an entirely new era has been introduced to modern culture.

Betty Grabel and alt pinup

Pin Up then and now.

These days, the new look of pin-up includes a great deal of sass along with the pre-established sex appeal. These new pin-up girls are an utter celebration of tattoos, piercings and attitude. With the new age in which we live, these strong and independent women still keep the spirit of the original Gibson Girl well and alive for new generations to experience with fondness and intrigue.

From the era of Betty Grable and Betty Page to Dita Von Teese and the alternative model, we have been privileged to bear witness to the evolution and revolution which we now know as the new age of pin-up. These incredible women have pioneered the way for women of all backgrounds and styles to display their sexuality with pride and determination. Whomever you may call to mind when you consider pin-up art, the pin-up girls of our culture have managed to emblazon a striking image into our hearts and minds which will flame on for years to come