Why pale girls are so freakin’ hot!

[pay]By Kristina J

The charm consists in being different. Would you even notice a tanned girl in the crowd? Probably not, but the other ones would remind you of ethereal creatures or porcelain dolls. Mesmerizing and irresistible. Well, they are the products of so called ideal beauty that is so hard to achieve. That’s why people of paler skin, especially women, are getting more attention as they resemble those perfect faces. Lovely, but unreal. And that’s their trick – they are real.

From a man’s perspective, these girls look fragile. The innate need to be the stronger ones lures them into protecting such women. Not to mention their more obvious blushing. It’s the unintentional way to show your feelings, often found very attractive by guys. Natural beauty plays its role as well. While queens of solarium make themselves look too fake, pale girls just enhance their inherited genes.

Curious about health benefits? Avoiding the sun helps skin to prevent premature aging. Less wrinkles, less chances of getting skin cancer. Who wouldn’t like that? Furthermore, your face is flawless without pigment spots. Talking about prettiness, thanks to porcelain skin many women tend to look much younger. It highlights the colour of the eyes and hides imperfections of an unfit body, which are so obvious on tanned skin.

As the previous trends, obsession with a snow white skin is another propagation of fashion that goes from extreme to extreme. Many companies introduced on market bleaching creams that certainly aren’t based on natural ingredients. If you decide to give it a go, let your skin time to become paler gradually. This doesn’t mean not going out at all - you need vitamin D from sun exposure. Instead of it, use sun creams that give your skin necessary protection while leaving your skin colour almost untouched.



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