Guide to Infinitink Semi-Permanent Tattoos


By Stephanie Bajzik

Infinitink semi-permanent tattoos are cool and available in a variety of colors and designs. When it comes to the pros and cons of these tattoos, there really aren’t any cons, only pros. The main thing that draws people to semi-permanent tattoos are the fact that there is no pain associated with them as there are with regular tattoos. In addition, these semi-permanent tattoos mean that there are no soreness issues for days and days afterwards like a normal tattoo.

Semi-permanent tattoos can be easily removed any time you want to change designs or colors. You may think you don’t have the same choice of designs and colors that you do with regular tattoos. However, this cannot be further from the truth as you can get any design or color that you want.

For those who still live at home with their parents and have parents that are opposed to any type of body art, tattoos that are not real will ease the minds of your parents. If you decide that you want the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend tattooed on your arm or other part of your body and you end up changing partners, you can always change the tattoo.


When it comes to tattoos that are not permanent in nature, they usually last about 6 months to three years. There are several types of semi-permanent tattoos for you to choose from. Henna tattoos are designed using a henna pen. This method is fast, easy, safe and natural. Henna pens are often found in beauty salons as well as online. Henna tattoos last around two to four weeks and they produce sharp lines that are also fine as well.

Temporary airbrush tattoos are ones that are placed on the surface of the skin and they are done so without causing any amount of damage to the skin whatsoever. Airbrushing is done with a stencil that is placed onto the skin and then the ink for the tattoo is applied with an airbrush. Airbrush tattoos are very similar to permanent tattoos and can be removed by utilizing a product that is either alcohol or oil based. Airbrushing is not something that lasts a long time on the skin and may sometimes come off when bathing or showering. Temporary airbrushing tattoos can stay on longer by using baby powder over the tattoo.

Many people think that mehndi and henna tattoos are one in the same but that is not true at all. The difference is that henna is the actual ink that creates the tattoos. The ones that are created with henna are different that mehndi since mehndi is one of the oldest methods of body art to exist today. Women create these types of tattoos by creating a paste and inserting that paste into a plastic one. This is often done in India as well as several Arabian countries. When the paste from the cone is applied to the hand, it gives off a red dye effect on the skin.



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