Rob Zombie: The Horrific Visionary


By Stephanie Bajzik

The legendary American born musician and film maker Rob Zombie was originally known as Robert Bartleh Cummings. As a founding member of White Zombie which is widely known as a beloved industrial metal band, Rob gained popularity in the public eye throughout the early 90s. With a total of five studio albums, three compilations, two remixes and more, Mr. Zombie as he’s also known has picked up speed over the years as a solo artist. However, his film work that started back in 03 has lead an entirely new generation of fans to learn of Rob Zombie as a cult classic phenomenon. Having 6 iconic flicks behind him and comic books released as well, he has rose to prominence as an eclectic and daring director with an upcoming movie currently in production simply deemed as 31.

House of 1000 Corpses

His debut motion picture piece was inspired by the horror classics of the 70s. Some of Rob Zombie’s influences included Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and The Hills Have Eyes (1977). Taking an old throwback and breathing new life into it, the rocker blew audiences away with House of 1000 Corpses’ menagerie of oddities and strange characters matched only by gruesome violence and terrifying images that stuck with audiences with methodical resonance. Since nothing seems to scare American movie goers quite like a road trip gone awry, Zombie’s take on the flick surprised the critics with its box office draw.

The Devil’s Rejects

Picking up where House of 1000 Corpses left off just two years later, his makeshift sequel continues several weeks after the original in the inexhaustibly shocking and almost sickening realm which Rob famously creates with his pictures. In the popular follow up, conflict surrounds the original clan of psychotic and shameless characters who have gained the moniker “Devil’s Rejects.” After SWAT captures the brood’s majority, the remaining family members go on a sociopathic thrill kill road trip leaving a massacre in the dust.


Unearthing an iconic killer from John Carpenter’s vaults, Mr. Zombie redefines the deranged spawn that was Michael Myers in 2007 which spurred a number of sequels to follow him by countless hopeful imitations. While society had written the emotionless psychotic child years ago by confining him to an asylum with the infamous Dr. Loomis, Myers had a very different plan for his old stomping grounds of Haddonfield. As the forgotten house of the rampage is left to rot in a sunny suburban neighborhood, Michael finds himself returning to finish what he started with a night full of both tricks and treats.

Halloween II

The unspeakable slasher comes back in 2009 yet again to his hometown of Haddonfield as though beckoned by the candy corn gods to torture the Midwestern children once again on his favorite holiday. With no escape for the townsfolk, Michael Myers wreaks havoc on the street of his old haunts with terror and bloodshed.

Rob Zombie’s reign has only just begun if you ask fans and cult followers. While 31 remains in production, his clan only grows with resoundingly terrifying and cryptic art releases depicting the film.



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