Celebs Sporting the Goth Look for Movie Roles

By Stephanie Bajzik

Not all celebrities are thrilled about taking on Goth roles. This is because the lifestyle is perceived as being dark, gloomy and all about death. The fact of the matter is it’s not all death and destruction. That is one side of it, but it is more about relating to life in a way that allows a person to express themselves. A dark-toned song may be just what a person suffering from severe depression can relate to. It is a lifestyle, and it should be accepted as no one judges those that wear business suits every day. Actors and actresses just play the role and try to understand what the lifestyle is really about.


The actor that we see in a Goth look the most for movie roles is Johnny Depp. He’s quite comfortable with this look and it just fits his quirky and non-normal lifestyle very well. It takes real talent to pull this look off and he does it rather naturally.

For other actors, it takes a bit of persuasion to put the face makeup and nail polish on. Wearing the dark clothing with chains, buckles and embellishments is definitely not easy. Most actors are not comfortable wearing tight fitting shirts or super baggy pants. Learning to be active in this type of clothing, which can be a little heavy, takes a little practice.



Actresses have a little more to contend with when it comes to creating a Goth look. Some actresses, such as Winona Ryder and Eva Green are naturals to this lifestyle. They fit right in to any female Goth role. In fact, unfamiliar actresses often seek the help of these two pros for a few hair, makeup and current style trend tips.

Dark makeup and dark hair are a must to really play the part here. Learning how to create a smoky eye and make it even more dramatic requires the assistance of an experienced makeup artist. Creating a pale face and mildly defined cheek bones may be out of their comfort zone a bit, but hey, it’s just for a movie role.

Eva Green

Fan Perception

Fans don’t always see eye-to-eye with actresses and actresses that are simply playing a role. While their research on the lifestyle may be enough to get them through to a believable level, fans still know it’s just for show. Fans need to be able to connect with characters in movies and on television shows. If there is no connection to a character, it’s a wasted story line.

Actors and actresses may not always be thrilled about the roles they’re chosen for, but it’s up to them to research the lifestyle of the character. This helps them to portray the essence of the lifestyle correctly. Movies can completely bomb if the characters are not portrayed correctly. The Goth lifestyle is a tricky one to master. As long as there are great examples of attire available online and a few exact lifestyle references available, along with real people to chat with, the actors and actresses can pull off a perfect performance.


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