Why are Skating and Punk Cultures so Misunderstood?

By Stephanie Bajzik  

Skaters and those following a punk lifestyle are so commonly misunderstood. Many feel like outcasts in society when all they’re doing is living a lifestyle that makes them happy. It doesn’t mean that these persons are troubled, misguided or destined for a life of crime and incarceration. The main gist of this story is that, the cultures are misunderstood by society. A little bit of an open mind and realization would help society a lot. Those living this lifestyle may not understand your preferences. The tables are turned both ways. It’s something to think about.

Common Stereotypes

One of the most common stereotypes that skaters and punks face is being called emo or emotionally troubled. This is not the case at all. Riding a skateboard takes talent and balance. It is like any other sport where you learn tricks and maneuvers to wow a crowd; it is a type of performing.

Another common stereotype is that these people are alcoholics and drug addicts. Again, this is not the case in all scenarios. Most teens and young adults living this culture have never had a drink or used a drug in their lifetimes.


Bad Reputations

Even if members of skating and punk cultures have never been in trouble with the law, they have a bad reputation. Is it because they tend to wear dark clothing? Their skateboards have skulls and graffiti on them? What does that have to do with anything? The answer is, absolutely nothing. Skateboarding is a hard sport to master, the skull and cross bones references symbolize broken bones, injuries and hard work perfecting their talent, and nothing more than that.

There is nothing wrong with wearing a wardrobe that consists mostly of black. From a fashion standpoint, black is the easiest color to have in your wardrobe because it matches everything. So before thinking that these are just dark, twisted and disturbed individuals, consider how they view your lifestyle and stop passing judgment.

Misinterpretations of the Lifestyles

The attitudes and actions of those living skater and punk lifestyles are so very misinterpreted. These individuals are not unapproachable, angry souls. In fact, you’ll find that they are the nicest people to sit and have a real-world/real-life conversation with. Since individuals living these cultural lifestyles are not approached often, they observe the rest of the world. They see what others don’t take the time to.

Having a conversation with someone following a gothic, skater or punk lifestyle can be one of the most eye opening and mind blowing experiences in your lifetime. You might just be amazed at how articulate these individuals are and how truthful their words really are.

Before passing judgment on someone that lives a different lifestyle or practices a different culture than yourself, look in the mirror. What do you think others say about you? Are you so shallow minded that you are absolutely closed off to the thoughts of the rest of the world? Perhaps so, and that is why you should take the time to really get to know what’s inside the minds of others before passing judgment.