Pale Skin

By Stephanie Bajzik  

Pale Skin: Fashion Trend or Medical Warning Observation?

Tan skin and glowing complexions aren’t so much in demand anymore. These days, natural skin tones, even pale skin tones are more desirable. It isn’t just because makeup artists can work wonders on lighter complexions; it is because it is just more acceptable these days. Tan skins shows more signs of aging than pale skin that is sort of kept in a preserved state.

Partially a Trend

More and more movie and television roles are based around those that have an illness, are of a Gothic nature or require a fair skinned maiden. It is partially a trend to have pale skin these days. A younger generation is emerging. Looking natural is the trend, and natural means that glows on the skin can be created using makeup and by having a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is far more important than “looking the part” because anyone can be made to “look the part”.


Partially a Medical Warning Observation

All of the controversy surrounding how harmful UV rays are and how tanning actually ages, dehydrates and hurts the skin has led to the rich and famous actually heeding this advice. Aging actors and actresses are tanner in skin tone than many up and coming stars. This is because being tan, having a golden glow and looking exotic were once found to be extra sexy, the fact of the matter is, a little color where the sun hits you naturally is far more sexy than looking orange or bronze.

What Message this Sends to Society

For whatever reason, society tends to follow what the celebrities do. This should have no bearing on what your believe personally or what you choose to do with your body. When celebrities start to follow the warnings that medical professionals have been speaking for decades, it is a sign that these medical professionals were actually right. Trends start with the stars, and consumers follow trends.

The message this sends to society is that you should listen to what your own mind tells you. Forget what Hollywood’s rich and famous think or do, your body and your health are important. If you want to use a tanning bed or bake in the sun for hours a week, that is your business. You understand the risks associated with doing so. Now, if you wish to keep your skin looking younger, healthier and wish for it to age slower, stay out of the sun and tanning beds.

Let this be a simple lesson, what Hollywood does in regards to trends, holds no bearing on what society should be doing.  It is about audience appeal, remaining popular and being healthy all at the same time. Pale and sexy in Hollywood is the in thing. This trend is likely to stick around for a few decades as the actors and actresses look healthier, younger and are more versatile with less work for makeup artists to do. It is much easier to bronze or darken a skin tone than it is to lighten it without looking caked on or orange in color.