Tattoo Artists Creating Wall Art

By Stephanie Bajzik  

Many tattoo artists work on more than just skin. Many are talented painters and art designers that create beautiful, alternative works of art to display in homes and galleries. Being a tattoo artist is more than bringing ideas to life on skin. It is about taking an idea, building a design and creating a piece of art on a person that they will wear forever. Precision and perfection are a must. When the artists take to a piece of canvas, a whole new world opens up.

Popular Canvas Designs

What you will see from a lot of tattoo artists that also create wall hangings is something abstract or surreal. Some, however, are experts in photo realism and paint perfect replicas of human life. These skilled artists show perfect dimension and shading to capture a specific tone, feeling or emotion on the face of the portrait.

The colors that these artists use are just as vibrant as those used on skin. The idea is to create something that can be put onto the body as well as hung in a home, office or gallery. What comes about is a creative concept as the artist views the image in his or her mind. This often results in something that is a bit different than what an average person would come up with.

Featured Tattoo Illustrator Lex Covato

Lex Covato is a beautifully talented female tattoo artist. She also paints canvases and takes on illustration requests. She attended Columbus College of Art and Design for Illustration and has maintained her creative lifestyle since. She has a very distinct style, which is almost comic-book like. She takes on conceptual, spiritual, abstract and artistic commentary pieces the most. Her designs and concepts are like something you would expect from Picasso.

Her portfolio is full of fun, quirky designs that are absolutely unique. She is also known for her ability to capture expressions on faces, including cartoon characters like those from Sesame Street and Wizard of Oz.

Lex Cavoto's tattooed Marilyn

Other Talented Tattoo Illustrators

One of the most talented tattoo illustrators is Christian Chapman. Christian specializes in conceptual portraits, stemming mostly around sugar skulls and zombie-like creations. The realistic depictions of the subjects used brings them to life on a canvas.

Christian Chapman art

Another highly talented illustrator is Gary Kroman. He has a great talent for using a realism concept with abstract details. Some of his work is absolutely mesmerizing to look at. Gary’s ability to create a character on canvas and bring that character to life is simply amazing.


Tattoo artists are often discounted as artists in general. The fact of the matter is they have to be able to draw, apply color and texture to make each tattoo pop and stand out. It takes real talent to switch from tattoo needles to a paint brush. Browsing through some of the collections available by Lex Covato and other artists is likely to have you deciding which print to hang on a specific wall in your home or office. You are likely to find that the art is like nothing you have seen before and it must take up residency in your home.