What Your Tattoos Say About You

By Stephanie Bajzik

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years dating back to at least 3300 B.C. Though there is still a stigma that accompanies those with ink, the taboo is beginning to wear off slowly but surely. In the past, tattoos were generally linked with sailors, bikers and criminals.

However, now we are seeing individuals in the medical profession and even teachers with ink. There truly are no stereotypes when it comes to tattoos.

But what exactly do your tattoos say about you? Tattoos can symbolize something meaningful to the individual who possesses them. Whether it is a major life event, a tragic loss, your personality, or simply just a piece of artwork that you find yourself drawn to, tattoos are an expression of ourselves.

Where you place each tattoo however is purely psychological. It is said that those who choose a placement anywhere on the upper body such as the neck of anywhere not covered by a shirt has a bit of a wild side. The inner bicep tats express something you desire to share but simply cannot find the words.

Wherever you may choose to place your tattoo, be sure to make it a piece of art that is meaningful. Those fly by night drunken rose tats we so often see on someone’s ankle are not necessarily going to make the statement that you are looking for.