Why Gaming is Awesome

By Stephanie Bajzik

Whether you are a male or female gamer, chances are that you all have something on common, the need to escape reality for a while.  You can be whomever you wish to be, display whatever persona you want and no one will know if that’s your true personality or an act. Who you are while playing a video game does not always depict who you are in real life. The mystery is half of the fun of participating.


There are no real names or faces, unless you choose to connect with a fellow gamer on a real life level. Your gamer tag is your identity. No one knows what your struggles are or how successful you might be. Essentially, your online popularity in the gaming world is solely dependent on how you choose to display yourself to others via voice.

Stress Relief

Regardless of the reason that you had a bad day, sign onto your favorite game and just let loose. You don’t have to have your mic turned on or even join in on games with your friends.  Do what you need to do to get rid of some of that frustration. If you are into first-person shooter games, you’re more likely to attain that top score in the room if you’re a little ticked off. More determination comes forth when there is a little bit of anger behind the controller.


There is always someone in a game lobby acting crazy. The drama of their actions is sheer entertainment. Consider this as your best opportunity of the day to laugh for no apparent reason other than someone else’s stupidity. Some people will act like tough guys and others will just maintain the persona that they have no brain. Either way, it’s fun to listen to them make fools of themselves.

Meeting New People

You’ll find that by playing with people in the same lobby for a few hours that you get along. Simple solution to finding them again, send a friend request. No matter what gaming system you play on each has a friend’s list that allows you to join friend, and in some games, create a party or group to enter a lobby with. You’ll find that these people are just like you, at least on the game, and make your overall gaming experience better.

It doesn’t matter what video game you play or what genre you like, once a gamer, always a gamer. It is at least one social group that you know you will fit into. There is no reason really, to be anything other than yourself. You’re likely to never meet these people. Their opinions should not really matter. Be who you are and have fun. Remember, you spent the money on the game; you’ll play it the way you enjoy playing it. Take the time though to get to know a few people that you have fun with. Gaming is awesome on so many levels; it’s hard to put it into a brief piece of text. Whatever you do, just remember to have fun and take comments made with a grain of salt.

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