Coloring The Hair Down Below

From time to time damn near every woman has colored her hair. Some of them, like the ladies here at Twisted Angels, have gone a little more extreme than what might be considered conventional. And we love to see the colorful streaks of pink, blue, purple, green and so on. But while only a lucky few might get the chance to see it, some women take the time to color the hair down below.

But with any hair coloring, if you're thinking about dying the fuzz in that special place, there are a few things you should consider first.

1. If you're going to use a coloring product, make sure it's meant for this purpose. One of the most reputable brands out there is Betty Beauty.

2. An alternative with no real chemical issues is to use the kid's drink Kool-Aide.

3. Be careful to avoid irritation or possible skin sensitivity problem.

Have fun!

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