Eclectic musician and artist Noemi Aurora

Born in a small Italian town in the early 1980s there is a pretty good chance that nobody would have expected Noemi Aurora to turn out to be the hardcore rocker and metal artist she is today.

Aurora is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band HELALYNFLOWERS, which has gained a dedicated fan base for their dark and edgy music since the release of their first album "Disconnection" back in 2005. Since that time, they have come out with eight more albums including the newest double album called "White Me In Black Me Out."

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When it comes to her inspirations, Aurora notes that her music is influenced by dream and nightmares to a sense of alienation and an appreciation for adrenaline and the concept of distortion. So as you might guess, her songs make for a wild musical ride. The specific artist that she cites as influences include Ozzy, Pantera, Megadeath and the like.

With all that in mind, you may find it surprising that she started out a a dancer during her childhood before pursuing fitness activities like Jezzercise.

This multi-talented woman also began to delve into the visual arts of drawing and painting during her teen years. Some of her paintings have even been featured in international art exhibitions.

As if all that isn't enough, she spends her spare time (hard to imagine she has any) to what she calls the ToxicVisionS creative project. This features photography, graphic design work, paintings and even a venture into the fashion industry all organized and carried out personally by herself.